Engineered from laser-punched sheet steel, our perforated decking provides a uniform flat surface.



Nashville Wire Products Perforated Decking is a revolutionary new product that offers a seamless solution in applications where traditional wire decking is limited. Engineered from laser-punched sheet steel, perforated decking maintains a flat, rigid profile to handle items with a smaller footprint or anything that is susceptible to indenture.

Perforated decking offers an ideal solution for storing carpeting, furniture, boxed items and archive storage. It’s especially perfect in bays used for storage of smaller items that might fall through traditional wire decks.


  • Product is strong, safe, and reliable.
  • Installation is simple with a ‘drop into place’ process.
  • A uniform flat surface that will not damage product.
  • Most standard step beams in the industry can be accommodated.
  • Designed specifically to meet fire safety guidelines while maximizing function and attractiveness.

Our perforated deck as seen from below.

PERFORATED Deck Products

Perforated Deck

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