Nashville Wire Products carries Kwik-Shelf™ for light-duty storage applications.



Kwik-Shelf™ is designed to work with rivet shelving and other bolt-less storage racks. It conveniently drops directly into the racking. Standard construction includes 2″ x 4″ wire mesh with reinforcement wires welded every 12″ for added strength and rigidity.

This product is manufactured with rugged steel components, has a standard galvanized finish, and is reinforced with additional wire welding. We carry all of the most common sizes and can also provide custom sizes to fit special applications. We provide powder- color coating customizations and offer a full range of accessories to improve the functionality of this light-duty storage solution. 

Benefits of Kwik-Shelf™:

  • Improves fire safety
  • Limits collection of dust and debris
  • Improves workplace lighting
  • Integrates with wire dividers and other separators
  • Eliminates need to stock & cut particle board or plywood
  • Won’t sag chip or splinter like MDF
  • Easy to install

Available Sizes

KSG183618” x 36”
KSG184818” x 48”
KSG244824” x 48”
KSG246024” x 60”
KSG247224” x 72”
KSG364836” x 48”
KSG366036” x 60”
KSG367236” x 72”
KSG484848” x 48”
KSG486048” x 60”
KSG487248” x 72”



Custom powder color-coating available