Container Accessories


Adds mobility to containers. 4” x 2” phenolic casters (2 rigid/2 swivel) are available pre-assembled or sold separately. Caster brakes are also available.

Other accessories: Bar runners (both directions), ID plates, custom colors.

Containers with Casters

Part #Size (W x L X H)
C324028S4C32" x 40" x 28"
C404824S4C40" x 48" x 24"
C404830S4C40" x 48" x 30"
C404836S4C40" x 48" x 36"
Casters (sold separately):
CAKIT42P4" x 2" Phenolic Caster Kit


Hot-Dipped Galvanized

Zinc Plating

Custom Color Powder Coating Available