Nashville Wire Products is committed to our environment, our communities, our future.


The goal for our future is a circular economy with no waste in products or manufacturing. To reach that goal we must rethink how we source, manufacture, distribute, use and recover our resources.

Nashville Wire Products is committed to practices with our planet. Top of mind. We are constantly striving for new and improved ways to reduce, recycle and lessen our carbon footprint on the environment.

Our Sustainability Commitments

Active water and waste testing of process levels to standards

$1M investment in waste treatment equipment

Alternative dipped paint process minimizes waste beyond traditional powder coating

Our "NO WASTE" Policy applies to the following:

  • Raw materials – designed for efficient use and recycling overages
  • Powder coating – non-hazardous, reduce emissions, recycle
  • Labor – effective workflow process to avoid double handling and to streamline production process
  • Energy – increased automation improves output and reduces total energy consumption
  • Shipping – engineering for optimal carton and pallet usage for road or ocean transportation
  • Utilities – motion-activated lighting in all office areas to reduces energy waste
  • Water – treat wastewater from production processes using a permitted vendor
  • Oil – removed from wastewater and recycled
  • Travel – use technology for instant connectivity and decisions in real-time

Our Sustainability Actions

Custom Packaging

PACKSIZE machine enables customization of program packaging, eliminating waste with precise dimensions.

Powder Coat Paint Booth

Powder coat booths collect overspray so paint powder can be reused or recycled.

Trash Bundling

Like-materials are compressed into a reduced footprint and bundled for recycling distribution and reuse.

Small Heading Style