Wire Containers

Nashville Wire Products Folding Wire Containers are the ultimate utility storage solution. These containers can be folded when not in use while being stackable up to 4 high to maximize floor space.

Our containers can be enhanced with accessories including casters, dividers, security lids, and bar runners. The Folding Wire Containers all feature a drop-down gate for easy access. The reinforced base allows for a capacity of 4,000 lbs. per container.

Available Sizes

C324028S432"x40"x28"4000 lbs115 lbs
C404824S440"x48"x24"4000 lbs139 bs
C404830S440"x48"x30"4000 lbs153 lbs
C404830E440"x48"x30"4000 lbs142 lbs
C404836S440"x48"x36"4000 lbs166 lbs


Electro-zinc plating

Hot-dipped galvanized

Custom color powder coating available