Nashville Wire transforms standard decking into a complete storage solution with a vast selection of dividers, carton stops, and other unique options.



With the right deck accessories, Nashville Wire transforms standard decking to exceptional, customized performance solutions. Decades of innovation and experience have led Nashville Wire Products to provide deck accessories that easily integrate. Our solutions provide improved organization, added security, material handling efficiency, and increased fire safety.

Our vast selection of dividers, carton stops and shelf options support client needs to organize, stack, and maximize space.


  • Solutions provided for every storage application.
  • Accessories can be built to fit any mesh pattern.
  • Custom height and depth options are available.
  • Installation process is simple, with J-hooks or clips that attach to mesh for secure fit.

We can assist with identifying the right mix and specifications for your space resulting in a customized environment of efficiency.

Deck Accessories

Kwik-Klip™ Deck Accessories

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Kwik-Stop™ Deck Accessories

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Wire Mesh Hanging Dividers

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Carton Stops Deck Accessories

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Pallet Supports Deck Accessories

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