Nashville Wire Products offers
material handling solutions to
improve efficiency and optimize space, safety and durability.



We are the industry-leading producer of the highest quality wire decking and storage solutions used across a diverse range of warehouses and distribution centers nationally. At our state-of-the art production facilities we build superior solutions that deliver improved labor efficiency, space utilization, safety, and durability in every client program.

As an integral part of the essential equipment build-out required in distribution and fulfillment facilities, Nashville Wire Products can be found in thousands of locations throughout the country. With our expertise, clients optimize their operations, resulting in reduced costs to retailers and, in turn, consumers.

Our exceptional products deliver unsurpassed quality, strength, durability and structural integrity. Nashville Wire also offers customization capabilities. This allow us to find the ideal solution for your warehouse decking and accessory needs.

Our team is 100% customer focused, ready to take on the next new challenge.

Nashville Wire is the proud recipient of the MHEDA Most Valuable Supplier Award 8 Years in a Row!
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