Engineered Components

Quality, Consistency, Control

Major appliance brands partner with Nashville Wire Products to ensure consistent quality that accurately reflects the expectations of their consumers. Commercial and domestic refrigeration, commercial and domestic cooking, HVAC, and beyond—Nashville Wire is known for listening and engineering new solutions with durability and strength, performance and perfection.



Wire Forms and Assemblies

Nashville Wire Products designs and manufactures metal assemblies and components combining wire, sheet metal, tubing and a variety of finishes for HVAC fan guards, condenser guards, and motor mounts, as well as laundry drying racks, bagger frames for lawn and garden products, and more.

Finishing Options

Nashville Wire Products manufactures lead-free wire cooking surfaces for the appliance industry in a variety of RoHs-compliant and NSF-certified colors and finishes, including electro-polished with many color options, and a new 304 Series stainless steel with electro-polish finish.

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