French Door Cart

Our large, dairy cart is designed to fit behind most
french-door style coolers.

We offer our proprietary divider system which enables you to set and reconfigure customized planograms to accommodate a wide range of dairy and beverage product sizes. Dividers adjust left to right for ease of product updates. Gravity feed shelves with glides ensure product slides smoothly within easy reach of the shopper.

Product is coated using NSF approved powder and our state-of-the-art 3-step process including an undercoat and top color coat for improved durability, ensuring your shelves look pristine and rust-free after many years of heavy usage.


  • Each cart comes with 6 shelves with side guards
  • Rails are three-sided for easy cleaning to avoid germs and bacteria build up
  • The cart has 4 sturdy wheels (2 rigid and 2 swivel) for mobility
  • Each shelf comes with a proprietary clear acrylic front stop with price tag molding and glide sheets for easy movement of product
  • Each shelf comes with 7 dividers (for each shelf) from our proprietary divider system
  • Removable drip trays facilitate easy clean up

Available Stock Sizes

24 x 27
24 x 36

30 x 48

48 x 27

48 x 36

60 x 27

60 x 48