Nashville Wire Products manufactures complex metal solutions found in millions of homes, retail stores, and warehouses.



Nashville Wire Products, founded in the 1934, has a deep foundation in high-quality, large-scale manufacturing serving a diverse range of global brands and national retailers. Thousands of consumer, commercial and industrial products require custom metal components that are produced to the very highest specifications in order to function correctly.

A team of skilled engineers work in our production facilities to develop, sample, test and manufacture complex metal solutions found in millions of homes, retail stores, warehouses and restaurants throughout the country.

You may not see us,
but we are everywhere.

Three Divisions Come Together Seamlessly

Collectively, we make the items you interact with daily.

Nashville Wire, Material Handling Division

Supplying wire, perforated decking, and material handling equipment for backroom and warehouse operations.

Nashville Wire, Engineered Components Division

Producing oven and refrigerator racks, and components for major commercial and residential brands as well as refrigerated merchandising systems for use at retail.

Nashville Display Division

Custom fixtures and Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays that hold the products you purchase in-store.


Our products can be found in many places, including:

  • the oven and refrigerator in your home
  • commercial kitchens that serve your meals in restaurants, schools and hospitals
  • the dairy case of your local convenience store
  • grocery cases nationwide
  • holding the merchandise you purchase every day in the aisles of major retailers
  • retail distribution centers
  • the warehouse supplying your on-line orders

Financial Strength

Nashville Wire has a strong balance sheet. We offer financial security; instilling reliability, trust and confidence in those who partner with us. Our financial strength enables us to provide the peace of mind that you expect from a valued partner who understands the dynamics of your business, delivers consistently successful programs consistently and has the financial muscle to continue operations during challenging economic times.