Dairy Cart

Our dairy carts optimize product presentation and are designed to fit behind most 30 inch doors, but we can also build custom sizes to work with any cooler model in your store. Each cart is assembled prior to shipping for effortless installation.

Product is coated using NSF approved powder and our state-of-the-art 3-step process including an undercoat and top color coat for improved durability, ensuring your shelves look pristine and rust-free after many years of heavy usage.

We offer our proprietary divider system which enables you to set and reconfigure customized planograms to accommodate a wide range of dairy and beverage product sizes. Dividers adjust left to right for ease of product updates.


  • Each shelf includes front and side guards to secure products in place
  • Slip sheets allow your product to front-face for easy shopper reach
  • The cart has 4 sturdy wheels (2 rigid and 2 swivel) for mobility
  • Cart has 2 handles at the rear for ease of movement
  • The adjustable front bumper maintains desired distance from the cooler door
  • Each cart includes 6 moveable shelves with 1.5 inch adjustability in our uprights
  • Top shelf is welded for additional storage and structural integrity

Available Stock Sizes

24 x 24
24 x 27

26 x 24
26 x 27

28 x 24
28 x 27
23 x 32

30 x 24
30 x 27
30 x 32
30 x 36
30 x 43
30 x 48

60 x 48