Nashville Wire Products fosters a rich heritage of entrepreneurship.



Today, our company operates as a third-generation, family-run business where the entrepreneurial spirit of our senior leadership team guides our strategic growth. Our company culture of continuous improvement ensures that we invest in the newest technologies, systems improvements, capacity maximization, and the recruitment of highly qualified talent. This translates into speed-to-market, budget optimization and consistent high-quality production.

Collaborating with our clients
for nearly a century.

A rich heritage

A Distinct Advantage

Our manufacturing capabilities are nimble, enabling us to shift production among our domestic facilities or engage overseas capacity, as needed, working in all materials.

We stay on top of client need for innovation and speed-to-market, by monitoring the industry trends, customer behavior and supply-chain visibility. We work with key stakeholders to develop a collaborative program that results in the deliverables that we agree upon in advance. Our project dashboard details every project stage. We take ownership for meeting deadlines, change management and full disclosure of updates.

Don’t take our word for it. Many of our customers have been collaborating with the Nashville Wire team for over 50 years.