Welded Wire Decking

Design Options

Nashville Wire offers a variety of sizes, capacities, and custom configurations to accommodate any rack and any application. Whether it’s a heavy load capacity, long beams, deep rack, or some other special need Nashville Wire can provide the deck solution. Tell us what you need and we’ll make decking to suit your specific application based on capacities, load requirements, load handling, equipment used, spans, widths, deflection requirements and other criteria.

Finish Options

Nashville Wire decking is available in a number of finishes. Choose from oven-baked gray enamel, powder coated, hot-dipped galvanized, pre-galvanized or electro-zinc plated finishes
NWP Rack Deck User WARNING:

Nashville Wire Products welded-wire decking for rack storage is designed and manufactured in conformance with ANSI standard MH26.2 for loads that are static and uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the rack deck and within the allowable load capacity rating. Users shall not permit welded-wire rack decking to be used as a walkway or platform for personnel. Loads should be placed onto decking rather than dropped or pushed. FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THESE GUIDELINES COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY.

Request a Quote Data Sheet Stock Sizes
  • Choose from a variety of wire diameters 2 gauge, 4 gauge or 6 gauge
  • Select fabric configuration to accommodate the products’ size, weight, and shapes
  • Choose from the industry’s widest selection of reinforcing channels (including inverted)
  • Try our multi-purpose, low-cost decking for lightweight applications (no channels)
  • Easy to install, simply drops into place
  • Improves fire safety by enhancing the performance of your overhead sprinkler system
  • Protects employees and products
  • Improves inventory visibility and brightens your facility
  • Self-cleaning / maintenance free
  • Gives you the flexibility to store cartons, drums, and multiple pallet sizes

Standard Decking: design with standard support channels to accommodate standard 1 1/2″ or 1 5/8″ step beams.


Flared Decking: waterfall design with flared support channels to accommodate box and structural type beams.


Inside Waterfall Decking: wire is hidden inside the step leaves beam faces unobstructed.


Flush Decking: flat mesh ends even with the top of beam with no bend.


Inverted Channel Decking: decking with the support channels inverted for food storage and other clean applications.


Upturned Waterfall: decking with the rear waterfall turned up to serve as a backstop to prevent cartons from being pushed off the back of the back.


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